What devops issues do we cover?

Devops issues can cover a lot of ground

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These are the devops services we provide.

Devops is a new field. If you look it up online, you’ll find a dozen definitions, and it’s viewed as everything from a discipline to a culture. Let us make it simple. Devops covers the set of skills and responsibilities that straddle engineering and IT. Rapid deployment isn’t just an ops issue. Threat mitigation has aspects that touch both development and operations. These skills are needed to compete digitally, but they are specialized. Devops issues come up periodically. You shouldn’t have to hire and onboard new staff to deal with them.

Code Fix Deployments

We help our clients set up deployment pipelines to speed up code fix deployment. We work with clients to identify their specific deployment needs, implementing automation tools and processes tailored to their requirements, configuring the pipeline to automate the deployment process, and providing ongoing support to ensure the pipeline is functioning effectively. By implementing a deployment pipeline, our clients can streamline their code deployment process, reduce the time it takes to fix and deploy code, and improve the reliability and stability of their systems.

Setting Up System Alerts

We help clients set up effective application monitoring and alert systems. This includes identifying their specific needs, implementing tailored tools and processes, configuring alerts, and providing ongoing support. Clients can proactively identify and address issues with their applications, improve performance and reliability, and make more informed decisions about their infrastructure.

Addressing Security Threats

We provide a range of services to help organizations address security threats and improve their overall security posture. Our services include conducting security assessments to identify vulnerabilities, responding to security incidents and breaches, implementing automation tools to improve security, and offering ongoing consulting support to help organizations prevent and mitigate security threats.

Containerizing Applications

By utilizing app containerization, our clients can benefit from reduced time and resources spent on infrastructure management, improved reliability and security of their applications, and streamlined development and deployment processes. Our team has a deep understanding of these technologies and can help your organization adopt and effectively utilize them to meet your business needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our app containerization services can benefit your organization.


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