Oil Change Commander will notify you when it's time to change the oil, including the precise amount, weight, and oil filter that fits your car!

When it’s time to change your oil, Oil Change Commander will fire off a beautiful email with all the information you need to change your oil the right way. This oil change app will tell you the exact capacity for your car, recommend the precise high quality oil and air filters, and do it when it’s time to change your oil.

You've already got enough to think about with car maintenance

All of this and more is needed to keep your expensive investment running in excellent condition. The most important maintenance your car needs is the oil change. It must be done on time, with the right oil, a high quality filter, and the right amount of oil. Oil Commander will help with that part, because it is the most important part of your car's maintenance.

Oil Change Commander is available for the low cost of $29 a year. Order now and get timely reminders with all the information you need to change your oil.

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Remove any doubt about changing your oil

As a Home Mechanic performing your own oil change, replacing your own radiator fluid, changing brakes, or even windshield wipers, you want to get everything right. So, when changing your oil there are some things you need to know about the oil itself.

Oil Change Commander is the oil change app that will:

Tell you the Right Amount of Oil for your car.

Tell you the Right Weight (or Type) of Oil for your car

Tell you the Right Oil Filter for your car, including high quality filters such as Wix, STP or other premium name brands.

Keep your car on the the Right Schedule to change your oil, by sending you a reminder along with all of this information right when you need it.

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Relieve the Pain

See if our oil change app supports your car!

Use the free VIN check to see if the Oil Change Commander supports your car. Your car is almost certainly supported.

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The VIN that you enter will not be saved. It is discarded and never used again.

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Get rid of those outdated oil change stickers

Stop paying high prices for an oil change. If you change your own oil, you know how hard it is to keep track of when it’s time. You also have to look up what type of oil and filter your car needs every time you need to change your oil.

Well, we’ve got you covered! With Oil Change Commander you type in your VIN number, and it looks up your car, and figures out exactly what kind of oil and filter you need. You get a notification with what to buy for your oil change every three months. This oil change app removes all barriers and friction to changing your oil.

Make the process of changing your oil easy and fast. Make oil change prices a thing of the past. Buy Oil Change Commander today.

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Maximize Your Car

Take the guesswork out of buying oil and filters

There are several things you have to do in order to maximize the life and performance of your car. You check and change the automatic transmission fluid. You check the power steering pump. You look up transmission fluid costs, and other fluid costs.

But, the first and most important thing you can do is to change the oil regularly! But, how do you know how often to change it? Should you do it every six months? Or, should you change oil every 5,000 miles?

If you’re smart, you pick a schedule and stick to it! And, once you’ve picked a schedule, how do you know when was the last time you changed the oil? When is the next time? When the schedule says it’s time, you clear some space, gather the tools, and make a quick trip to the store. But then, before you can get started, you also have to look up, which oil you need, which filter again, and how much oil your car takes, and how much does oil cost for my car.

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Enjoy the Ride

You can save time, save money, and improve your car performance!

Oil Change Commander will tell you what oil type you need, what oil filter fits your car and we’ll even recommend an air filter for you! You don’t have to search for what oil you need and how much every time you change your oil. Let Oil Change Commander do the work for you, so you can save time!

Here’s how:

The oil change app will keep it all together so you can change the oil at the right time, using the right oil, at the right amount. Every single time. So, don’t let anything get in your way when it’s time to do an oil change! At Big Red Media, our Software Engineers are always working hard to make Oil Change Commander the best it can be!

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How to find your VIN Number